trial nov 9 2013



quick post

The passage of The New York gun-control Act is a wonderful development! Only a few days ago many confidently said that such an Act could never be passed! The ‘message of necessity’ bringing about the early passage of this legislation is a delightful addition. My heart sings! I hope yours does too!

There is another issue about which many persons have expressed the following sentiment: “That would be wonderful! But it won’t happen in my lifetime!” There is a country that presently has a balanced economy, universal health care (with average life expectancy of 83 years), an excellent educational system, low unemployment, a housing market that is BOOMING, an infrastructure that is in good hands, citizens that have only hunting rifles (no handguns and no assault rifles), and the country’s legislators are not bought by money. The country is Canada. We can have what Canadian citizens have if we citizens DEMAND the passage of the following amendment to our constitution:


By copycatting Canada’s government our leader will be able to govern our country. (s)He will not need to wait for Congress to act. This ultimate change trumps all silly patchworks which might be tried for improving our government. Canada has no fiscal cliffs, no filibusters, and no ridiculous budget dances. Furthermore, when we make this change we will be able to keep our Bill of Rights and our laws. Now add a ‘message of necessity’ and you can see we can accomplish this goal quickly! Let’s go for it!

To learn more about why and HOW we can bring into existence an admirable United States government read the book LIBERATION FOR THE NATION. You can read the book FOR FREE on the blog All of us may not agree with everything discussed in the book, but with some thought you will appreciate the main premise of the book. Let’s go for it! We can do this!
is quick post addresses our quick accomplishment.